About Me

Me standing upside-down. Not everyday you get to do that.

Hi, I’m Oliver! After completing a Bachelor in Contemporary Music at Southern Cross University, I decided to become a freelance musician and pixel artist.

I love games! Good start for a game music composer. Ever since I was a kid, I played many a game, analysing why some music works and why some doesn’t. When I’m not making music or pixel art, I love speaking Japanese and Korean and listening to British bands that peaked in the mid-2000s.

My goal with music is to make something memorable. My favourite games have always been the ones with a soundtrack that leaves a long-lasting impression on the player. Game music has always fascinated me as it is vague and ambiguous, yet paradoxically also direct in its intention. It can set a scene or a mood but generally leaves the finer details up to the player to decide. This is the magic that inspires me to be a video game musician.

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